Animation BA (Hons)

Animation / BA (Hons)
Franchised Course, University for the Creative Arts (UK)

This flagship UCA animation course is one of the best in Europe. Established in 1972 by the British Oscar-winning animator Bob Godfrey, it was the first degree to specialise in the academic study of animation.

UCA BA Animatiion course alumni are second-to-none and include nine Oscar winners and nominees including Michael Dudok de Wit, Daniel Greaves and Suzie Templeton as well as numerous BAFTA and British Animation Award winners and nominees.

Many successful studios have been set up by our alumni including McKinnon & Saunders (Fantastic Mr. Fox, Corpse Bride etc.), Astley Baker Davies (Peppa Pig), Animade and the Moth Collective. This gives the course solid links to a wide range of creative talent, studios and potential employers.

The course itself is committed to the study and exploration of animated filmmaking. It encourages creativity and individuality through a broad definition of animation, which includes any technique that is created ‘frame by frame’.

We respect all well-established traditional approaches to animation whilst fully integrating all of the digital techniques and standards of a rapidly evolving industry.

Critical and Theoretical Studies (CTS) help develop an in depth understanding of animation, its practices and contexts, and support all of the studio practice.

Fine Art BA (Hons)

Fine Art / BA (Hons)
Franchised Course, University for the Creative Arts (UK)

The ethos of Fine Art at the Cyprus Academy of Art is founded on enabling students to develop a contemporary artistic practice over the course of a FT or PT programme, which culminates in them becoming a professional in the field.

The course starts in the studio. All tutors are practitioners. Our philosophy centers on making.

Learning and Teaching on the programme

• Is student-centered.
• Facilitates innovative approaches to working with materials.
• Tests habitual ways of seeing and depicting.
• Questions established hierarchies of knowledge.
• Develops professional expertise.

The staff members of the Cyprus Academy of Art Fine Art department reflect a diverse range of interests through their own established practices.

Their work is presented nationally and internationally, and covers Painting, Sculpture, Printmaking, Photography & Moving Image, Sound & Performance.

The diversity of the staff body and spatial resources of the Cyprus Academy of Art enables great multidisciplinary flexibility in the delivery of the course. Different technical skills can be pursued further in dedicated workshop areas, staffed by technicians whose valuable expertise is integral to the delivery of the course.

Art, Media & Design BA | Animation

Art, Media & Design BA / Animation

With this programme you will be prepared for the exciting and creative journey of designing and developing Animated films using suitable tools, environments and techniques.

This course provides education and training in the theory and practice of Animation as required for careers in Animation or computer games design, and 2D & 3D computer animation. You will develop a range of skills and techniques and focus on the development of higher- level skills in an Animation context.

Art, Media & Design BA | Photography & Film

Art, Media & Design BA / Photography & Film

Created to promote an ethos of theory combined with practice the course gives students the opportunity to learn screenwriting, editing, camera techniques, post-production and production management skills. The course is designed to facilitate students’ entry into the industry, support their filmmaking and lay a strong foundation for progression to a career within the photography and film Industry

Art, Media & Design BA | Fine Art

Art, Media & Design BA / Fine Art

This exciting course will give you the crucial skills that you will need to become a professional artist working within the creative industries.

You will have the opportunity to explore practical and personal responses to ideas and concepts through a variety of creative approaches and disciplines including drawing, painting, photography, mixed media, installation, sculpture, digital artwork and printmaking.

Throughout your studies you’ll strengthen your own fine art identity and enjoy applying your own creativity in modules that cover site specific art and specialist studio practice.

Art, Media & Design BA | Graphic Design


Art, Media & Design BA / Graphic Design

The BA Art, Media and Design Degree in  Graphic Design aims to offer you a unique opportunity to develop your own signature style and visual language in the creation of a professional Graphic Design portfolio.

The course is aimed at students wanting to develop a career in various areas of the Graphic Design industry such as magazine design, publishing, branding and design agencies, art direction and advertising, website design, creating their own design studio, further study and research.